Hi, I'm Lauren! I believe in a balanced, active lifestyle that blends healthy dieting with a targeted personal training regimen. I am committed to helping people believe in the power of health and wellness and encourage beliefs of a healthy diet, physical exertion and a strong mental 
well-being. When it comes to setting personal goals- no goal is too big and no dream is unattainable! All goals are achieved with a bench mark, a target, and a step by step action plan. My goal is to energize, inspire and continually push each and every one of my clients to their very best.

My style of training is based around a HIIT (high intensity interval training) model paired with plyometrics and strength and resistance training. I believe that this style of training is the most effective way to burn fat in the shortest amount of time. I like to keep my workouts fresh and fun with incorporating a variety of different equipment from treadmill intervals, the TRX suspension trainer, kinetic bands and much more! Whether you are working out in one of my group classes or one on one, I can assure you that you will leave feeling like you got a great workout while having fun! 


Lauren is a trainer/group fitness instructor certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also a
TRX Suspension Trainer


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