As a former Division I athlete, I knew the important role proper nutrition played in fueling my body with the adequate energy it needed to perform at the highest level. However, I did not really know exactly what food to eat, when the optimal times were to eat and appropriate portion sizes. I felt like my lack of knowledge in this area was preventing me from seeing results in a field that I specialize in. 

So I began a journey in search of answers to those questions and tracked every single food item that I put in my body over the course of one year. I did this to learn, not only for myself but to become a coach for others. Through trial and error, I found a healthy breakdown of macronutrients and learned how to incorporate a balance of nutrient dense foods that consisted of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

I learned what proper portion sizes looked like, how the body breaks certain food groups down differently, what to eat pre and post workout, and ultimately how to have a healthy balance with food.

I truly believe that nutrition alone has contributed to 80% of my own fitness transformation which was my why behind my first ebook, Fit From Within. offer custom nutrition plans that are completely catered to you and your fitness goals.