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Nutrition Plan Services

A targeted and intuitive plan, completely custom to YOU

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What's Included

I offer a 4 week nutrition plan completely catered to you. You will be sent a questionnaire that will give me an idea of your day to day eating habits, where you are physically and what your goals are with this plan. From there, I create your personal macronutrient breakdown (basically your percentage of carbs, proteins and fats.) And will generate a meal plan from those numbers. Don't worry-you won't be calorie counting or weighing food. I do all the work for you!


The plan will include 4 full weeks of meals that will include 5 meals a day {breakfast, lunch & dinner and then 2 snacks throughout the day.} A lot of the meals on the plan are from my ebook Fit From Within which will be included in the price of this package (a $20 value.) The nutrition plan is $125, is completely catered to you and your goals and I am here for unlimited support, questions and just for motivation in general! 

Intrigued and want more information? Let's chat and we can see if this will be a good fit for you!  

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