I completely restructured my diet by initially focusing on MY body's ideal daily protein intake. Results take
time. They take consistency, a resilient mindset and a simple
belief, in yourself. 


—  Lauren Poteat

Hi, I'm Lauren! I believe in a balanced, active lifestyle that blends healthy dieting with a targeted personal training regimen. I am committed to helping people believe in the power of health and wellness and encourage beliefs of a healthy diet, physical exertion and a strong mental well-being. When it comes to setting personal goals- no goal is too big and no dream is unattainable! All goals are achieved with a bench mark, a target, and a step by step action plan. My goal is to energize, inspire and continually push each and every one of my clients to their very best.


Lauren is a trainer/group fitness instructor certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also a
TRX Suspension Trainer


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